Congratulations to all PUC Graduates!

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10th Commencement (Bath Two) of PUC graduation was hold on November 5, 2022.

Message from the President

Beloved Graduates

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) is very delighted, at this PUC 10th Commencement Ceremony, to congratulate and honor its proud graduates of Class 2022.

Continuing with our humble vision, playing an active role in the nation-building process for future generations, where non-violent means are used to resolve conflicts, beginning with individuals, societies, governments, and extending to the community of world leaders, I humbly believe that education is the key to fulfilling this vision. As people are well educated, exemplified, and attested by our proud graduates here gathered today, they are empowered to participate in and contribute more fully to the society. Education is, indeed, the foundation for genuine peace, security, and sustainable development for a prosperous nation and a peaceful world.

Our mission is to provide high quality academic study and research accessible to many in order to improve the quality of life and build the capacity of the people, particularly the youth of Cambodia, and that of the region through the teaching of personal growth, critical thinking, character-building,professional ethics, high morality, wisdom, and social responsibility in addition to the steady development and speedy growth of science, technology, and new digital media of the globalized world.

We are striving to cultivate our individual student to become a knowledgeable, skillful, honest, patient, grateful, and happy to become an honorable citizen not only of Cambodia but also of the world!

I believe that, in whatever profession everyone may choose, you will rightfully serve others with respect, loving-kindness and compassion.

PUC educates our students not only to gain knowledge, skills, and expertise to be able to work and integrate in the ASEAN Community and beyond, but also the art of living with happiness and harmony by developing and nurturing virtues and character-building as reflected by the PUC motto: Sīla, Samādhi, Paññā, which we seriously take as our compass or North Star principle in our daily life.

As a parent, I know first-hand the time and commitment involved for both the family and student in making this dream come true. To the graduates, I wholeheartedly congratulate you for your tireless efforts, patience, and dedication to successfully complete your desired goal. Your success is well deserved, and it will give you a chance to spread your wings and fly freely as you may venture into the professional world and/or continue to pursue your education to a higher level.

Everyone of you is now fully equipped with professional skills and a high standard of moral conduct, please continue to perfect yourself to become a role model citizen. Never forget that in whatever capacity you serve others throughout your career, be always humble, and remember that a full glass of water could never receive any additional drops. People, as special as you are, have a great ability to lead and create a beautiful world of tomorrow. In your daily life, always practice Truthfulness, Patience, and Gratitude. This will ultimately lead you to the top of your career and/or reaching your desired goals.

Congratulations! Be Happy and Humble!

Metta Dhamma,

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