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Symbolizes the following:

(1)The Double-Line Circle represents the wheel of Samsara in which all living beings are struggling endlessly, life after life, in pursuit of their ultimate happiness and bliss.

(2)The Palm-Leaf Scroll, placed on the golden pedestal, is artistically decorated with Khmer fine arts -- the dragon’s tail motif -- reflecting the historical scenes of people’s lives and activities while epitomizing the great culture and civilization of the Angkor era.

(3)The Golden Rays, emerging from the Palm-Leaf Scroll, symbolize the light of Dharma and the Buddhist influences on the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Buddhist influences include Sīla (Morality), Samādhi (Mental Discipline), and Paññā (Wisdom) extensively used as the PUC’s Motto, leading living beings towards Nirvāna, the Supreme Bliss.

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