Faculty of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering(FMSE)

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The Mission of the Faculty of Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Architecture is to stay competent and significantly updated in a ever-changing global environment.

In the context of Cambodia, there is a critical demand to educate a highly educated work force through globalized undergraduate and graduate programs for science, engineering and mathematics majors. The Faculty is committed to being the leading provider of an accomplished technical work force.
The faculty is also committed to share resources with other similar higher education institutes in Phnom Penh to create a scientifically literate and informed public - one capable of finding creative solutions to complex problems (including over population, habitat destruction, resource limitation, the ethical use of new technologies, and multiculturalism.) Hence, the foundation year this University offers consists of exciting, up-to-date general education courses for non-majors.
The faculty of MSEA has an obligation to create and disseminate innovative, updated knowledge in science & technology, thereby contributing directly to the country’s as well as the region’s economy and helping to ensure the nation’s future as a leader in innovation, technology, and problem solving.

In realizing its vision, the Faculty of MSEA recognizes that the world is changing rapidly and that higher education must change with it. Specifically, the Faculty of MSEA engineered a vision needed to successfully lead in a system of higher education that is rapidly redefining itself. This is in order to meet the challenges of a changing science & technology student population preparing them to deal with shifting globally driven market forces, increasingly complex technologies, rising costs, etc.

The Faculty aspires to achieve its goal through highest standards of excellence for student learning and performance. In this faculty we view education as a fusion of classroom teaching and hands on research with faculty mentors who actively engage students. The intricate fusion of teaching and research is viewed as the greatest strength of the faculty. Its powerful educational effectiveness comes from linking facts, theory, inquiry, discovery, and solutions to real world problems.
The educational programs in Environmental Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Civil Engineering, are led by a highly skilled and dedicated faculty, who will engage and challenge students to achieve their fullest intellectual potential, mastering skills such as critical thinking, communication, and quantitative analysis. Students will also be provided with the latest knowledge and technical expertise that are needed in today’s job market.
The faculty strives to produce life-long learners capable of assuming leadership roles in a changing, knowledge-based, multicultural society. To achieve its vision of excellence in both teaching and research, the faculty aspires to create an environment of scholarly achievements through commitment to excellence. Active cross-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships with public and private organizations through community internships will be encouraged and viewed as essential to the teaching-research mission of the faculty. Newly emerging areas such as informatics, biotechnology, and computational economics are keys to the future. So the faculty will be dedicated to strengthen areas of high priority in future.
We, the leadership of this university, the faculty members with our students seek to nurture an intellectually rich environment where there is mutual respect & quest for excellence.

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