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Vitou Sereyvatana

With a charming smile, Vitou Sereyvatana, a third year student majoring in International Relations, beamed to find out she is the Featured Student for February. She is a PUC-SR student who earns straight A’s. She speaks Khmer, her native language, English, and a little Thai.

Sereyvatana said after completing the one year course of studying English in the Intensive English for Academic Purpose (IEAP) program, she really improved so much about herself.  Consequently, she is fluent in English, understands her teachers and classmates, and can communicate with them very well now that she attends the undergraduate program.


This radiant, young, smart girl continued:

The most interesting place that I like to travel to is the beach, where it is a good place for swimming, sightseeing, and relaxing. Besides school, I like to spend time with my family who most of the time inspires and encourages me to try my best to achieve the good results like today. The school, professors, and friends are also the part of my achievement because I have learned many new things from them.

For me, to earn the good grades from each course is to concentrate. During class, I am listening to the professor explain his lecture and classmates who ask and share their ideas. I am taking notes. The most important thing is to review the lesson before and after class that helps me to remember what I have learned. I also do research and read the books to gain more knowledge. Also for those who want to become fluent in English is to try to speak English. Even you speak wrong sometimes, your English improves a lot.

My future goal is to get the scholarship to continue my studies abroad after I finish my BA degree.

What I really like about PUC-SR is the English speaking school that is beneficial for students after graduation, and everyone at the campus is friendly, kind, and helpful.