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Raven Deagle

Ms. Deagle is a Canadian citizen and studied at Brentwood College and the University of Alberta. She’s worked, lived, and traveled all around the world, like in the United Kingdom and Australia. She came to Cambodia because of her husband. Ms. Deagle has been on the faculty for about three years and knows how PUC-SR provides strong English language skills to the students as they are sometimes shy to speak out and shy to pronounce the words. She also feels PUC-SR itself is improving, offering more and better classes.

I enjoyed having time getting to know her. Here are some more interesting things I learned about Ms. Deagle…

hobbies – singing songs and listening to music
favorite pet – horses
favorite book – The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus by Richard Preston
what she loves – teaching, management, to educate and talk with people

PUC-SR student Sorm Rasy interviewed Ms. Deagle for this feature. When not studying English, doing homework, and taking classes for her TESOL degree, you can find her reading Shakespeare.