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Charity Event At Anlong Thom Village

PUC-SR in collaboration with Archaeology & Development Foundation (ADF) and Siem Reap HR Club organized a charity event to support an elementary school at Anlong Thom village on Kulen Mountain on 31 October & 01 November 2015. Under support from hospitals; hotels; schools who are the members of Siem Reap HR Club in Siem Reap province has enabled the event organizers team to:

  • Placed 445 reading books to Anlong Thom Elementary school library
  • Offered 165 pairs of new school uniforms to children
  • Donated 4 boxes of used clothes to villagers, teachers, and parents
  • Offered 10 packages of office stationary to teachers and local authorities (each package cost about 10$)
  • Offer 270 packages of learning material for kids (each package cost about 1$)
  • Donate soaps (30 liters of liquid and 87 bars of hand washing soaps) to Anlong Thom Elementary school and Anlong Thom Health Centre to support their sanitation program
  • Plant and nursing more than 100 trees to support ADF cultural and environmental conservation program.

Thanks to all sponsors and donors who contributed to our donation box including money; books; stationary; used clothes and new uniforms.
We hope that one day you will be able to visit Anlong Thom Elementary school with us.

Here are some photos from our trip…many thanks to our generous donors and photographers for sharing this wonderful memory!