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Featured Student Marika Furuyama

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Meet Marika. Like so many of students at PUC-SR, she is enrolled in both the Academic Program and the Language Program.

Most likely you’ve seen Marika Furuyama around campus, in class, or working hard in the main office. She is a third year undergraduate major in business administration at the same time studying Japanese in PUC-SR’s language program. Fluent in English, Khmer, and Japanese, she can speak a little Thai and Korean too.

Marika also learned English in our language program, completing all 12 levels in the General English as a Second Language (GESL) Program. She says it took her one year to achieve fluency. Her English is so strong now that she uses it more than her Japanese even though she grew speaking Japanese and Khmer from birth (her mother is Cambodian, her father Japanese).

Asked what she loves about PUC-SR, she said students get to dress free-style! Not having to worry about changing into a uniform when rushing from work to school is such a relief. Almost all of the students have part time or full time jobs. So you don’t have to carry your uniform around with you all day if you have classes at night or go all the way home between work and school just to change clothes.

She loves studying kanji too, the Japanese system of writing. Currently in the Level 5 class, Marika says the professor is amazing. Each kanji is like a picture and understanding the picture helps you to learn the meaning and the word. It’s the way Professor Shuji Matsumoto teaches the class that makes learning Japanese so easy.

Another great thing she says about being a student at PUC-SR is the flexibility of adding or dropping classes. With heavy job and family demands, it becomes easier to stay enrolled and continue your education.

She found work on campus through the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) helping to administer the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

There are only two sites in all of Cambodia where one can take the JLPT… in Phnom Penh at CJCC and at PUC-SR!

Inspired in her entrepreneurship classes by Professor Tong Dara, Marika has created a business plan for a “Coffee Library”. Ask her about it and she will be excited to explain! She is currently working in real estate looking to expand into establishing resorts but not in the city… out in the countryside that would create jobs for the locals and create a unique travel experience for tourists in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

The student body is international at PUC-SR and Marika is a gem in our multicultural family.  She visits Japan every year and her dreams of travel turn toward Europe. With a BA in business administration, being multilingual, and gaining valuable work experience, don’t be surprised to bump into this lady out in the international business world in the coming years.